ACiDPoP! - Michael Jackson by Arno Bani (1999).

Michael Jackson noticed Arno Bani's work in the fashion pages of the Sunday Times...

Michael Jackson à La Main D'Argent
by Arno Bani (1999)

entrusted his image to Arno Barni by commissioning a series of portraits. At the age of twenty-three, Arno Barni found himself face to face with a living legend with the task of capturing him on film.
From all the contact sheets that Arno submitted, Michael Jackson chose 4. Check This Out!

"Michael Jackson Sur Fond Rouge"
by Arno Barni (1999)

"Michael Jackson à l'oeil bleu"
by Arno Bani (1999)

"Michael Jackson à La Cape D'Or"
by Arno Bani (1999)

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