ACiDPoP! - Marilyn by Philippe Halsman (1952).

Through Philippe Halsman’s famous series of 1952, Marilyn Monroe made it to the cover of Life for the first time...

LIFE - 7 April 1952

Photographing the twenty-six-year-old Marilyn with half-closed eyes and slightly parted lips, Halsman made her into a sex goddess. He described the situation: “Finally I asked her to stand in the corner of the room. I was facing her with my camera, the Life reporter and assistant at my side. Marilyn was cornered and she flirted with all three of us, and the photograph eventually made the cover of Life. The cover gave her the status of a star....”

Contact prints of the series

En 1952, Philippe Halsman plaça la jeune starlette Marilyn Monroe entre son placard à vêtements et le mur de la pièce. Ses épaules projetées en avant, elle souriait de son sourire aux paupières lourdes, et cette photo classique fit sa première couverture dans Life.

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