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Lui (French for "Him") is a French adult entertainment magazine created in November 1963 by Daniel Filipacchi, a fashion photographer turned publisher...Check This Out!

The objective was to bring some charm "à la française" to the market of men's magazines, following the success of Playboy in the USA, launched just a decade before.

Check Out Lui Magazine Covers (HeRe)

France, indeed, in the first half of 20th century had an outstanding reputation for erotic publications, feeding also foreign market and inspiring also ersatz French-flavoured magazines abroad, when, for example, US publishers used French-sounding titles like Chère and Dreamé or placed tricolour flags on the covers, attempting to attract the casual buyer. It was anyway a semi-clandestine circulating material, not allowed to be freely displayed or openly bought. In this sense Playboy changed the way 'soft-pornography' (become more respectfully 'adult entertainment'), can be publicly circulated.

Mireille Darc Lui #59 December 1968

This magazine was particularly successful from its origins to the early eighties, featuring many B-List but also prominent French actresses, such as Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve or Mireille Darc. Its motto was Lui, le magazine de l'homme moderne (The Magazine of the Modern Man).

Brigitte Bardot
Lui #20

Catherine Deneuve
Lui #108

Mireille Darc
Lui #59

Lui featured a monthly pin-up by Aslan. It was published regularly till november 1987. The final issue of this first series was the number 285.

Aslan's Pin-ups

After 1987 there were three further attempts to relaunch the title. Currently it is published every three months and has become a pornographic magazine.

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